Pain Olympics

Crazy fellas competing on for the highest levels of pain in various insane events.... DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME!


Category: Extreme
Date: 2008-05-01
Views: 567969

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Impressive Fast Parking

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Description:  This came from an old Jackie Chan movie where he was trying to evade cops. Check out how fast he parked his car with a 360 spin followed by a reverse.
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Huge Motobike Jump

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Description:  Robbie Maddison jumped to the top of the Arc d Triomphe in Las Vegas on 31 Dec 08, a whooping 29 meters!
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Disgusting Arm Break in Wrestling Match

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Spider Eats Frog

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Description:  I would not want to be the frog.
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Two Idiots Playing Punch for Punch

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Description:  What a good way to spend the day. First hit breaks his nose, headbutt knocks the other kid out, spectacular.
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Funny Videos - Gymnast Wipeout
Gymnast Wipeout

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Description:  Simple routine leads to a hard slam onto the floor.
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Funny Videos - Awesome Reverse Bungee Jump
Awesome Reverse Bungee Jump

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Description:  Never seen this done before. A guy is catapulted into the air via reverse bungee concept and parachutes down subsequently. This is extreme.
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